Monday, December 14, 2009

Website address & new blog design

Hi everyone,
We're excited to announce the official website for Ink Bloom
Right now it's just a homepage, but Chris' brother Dan has some great ideas for the site. We'll let you know once it launches.
Also, as you may have noticed, the blog has a whole new look. Thanks Dan. It looks sweet.
The layout of the book is coming along nicely. Guy at Impact is doing a fantastic job, and the book should be ready to go to the printer at the end of the month. We're really excited on this end.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fantasy Art China

Fantasy Art China is doing a big article on Ink Bloom, so if you live in China and are reading this (yeah, right) keep your eyes pealed for it in the near future. It's an awesome magazine.


Hachi's now on Facebook. You can look her up by name (Hachi Hachimitsu) or click on the link to the right. Over there you can see a little larger image of the color cover art.

Oh boy, Facebook (Jim says sarcastically).

And no, even though Hachi kicks butt, she will not join your mafia.