Monday, September 14, 2009

Finished writing and the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

We finally finished the writing, all of it. The steps, the sidebars, the intro, and THE STORY.
"Story?", you ask. "What story?"

That's right. This how-to book will have it's own self contained sci-fi epic. It will be the first how-to ever to come with a story. You will get to follow Hachi Hachimitsu on some wild adventures, and learn how to draw and paint scenes from the story as you go.

Chris and I are very proud of this story, and hope that we will be able to push it into other areas such as comics, young adult books, toys and even animation (if we're lucky).

We'll be revealing more about the story and sneak peaks at some of the art right here, so check back regularly.

You'd check back, wouldn't you Hajime?

"If it will shut you up, then yes."


  1. You two are so the money,
    can't wait to see this book !!


  2. This is fabulous! Truly a milestone for all involved!