Monday, March 9, 2009

FA 7

So, for some artists this week. Let's go with some classics. The one whose responsible for all of us being here, Frank Frazetta, and what I would describe as his Japanese counterpart, as far as being immensely influential , Yoshitako Amano.

Work's coming along nicely on the book. Chapter 1 is finished. Chris just showed me a bunch of kick ass work he's done for it. We've been pushing each other to make the book as good as possible, which means more work, but the result will be a bigger payoff for the reader.

Thanks also to Marty for kicking my ass thoroughly at Street Fighter IV today.

Been watching Speed Grapher while I'm working. Not too bad, but not great. I've also been watching a show called Mad Men, the reasons for which, besides that it's good, will become apparent once we are able to talk about Ink Bloom more.


  1. I admit it. I was wrong about Amano. I clicked through to his website and.....

    All I can say is--Don Draper made me do it.

  2. Heh you're more than welcome for the beatdown! Let me know when you're ready for another, heh heh.