Monday, March 23, 2009

FA 9

Favorite artists this week.

My favorite representation of Hell is done by Wayne Barlowe. He's also done creature concepts for the Blade and HellBoy movies.

And from South Korea comes a guy who's done a lot of RPG work, Andrew Hou.

Watching Samurai 7 right now. I started to watch it when it first came out, but fell out of it for some reason.

I'm also reading an interesting book on the ins and outs of the anime/manga world called "Schoolgirl Milky Crisis" by Jonathan Clements. I enjoyed reading his articles in NewType USA before it went under. A note to magazine publishers. Stop putting DVD's in your magazines and charging $15 for them. Nobody wants to pay that much for a magazine. Especially when your audience is a bunch of otaku who have already downloaded the content you are putting on the disk before it even hits the stands.


Oh, yeah, as for the book all of the art and writing is done for Chapter 1, and Chris and I are well on our way to being done with Chapter 2. There will be four chapters in all, so things are looking decent for us to hit our deadline.

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